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Mosquito Misinformation

I read--or heard--it as a fact,
but evidence disputes
which gender of mosquito acts
to poke their little snoots
into my dermis, causing pain
and itch that lasts a while.
The way some experts do explain.
brings an ironic smile.

It's said, the male who buzzes 'round
is not the one who bites.
but female, with no warning sound,
discomfort brings said sites.
I tend to differ with this slant;
simply explained, ,just because,
I'm led to itch and then to rant
when I have heard the buzz.

My curiosity grew acute,
I thought, "Explore, then, online."
Google quickly settled the dispute;
wings of both types produce the whine.
Jim, with facts at his fingertips.
reported this trait in advance.
So full of bright and witty quips,
"mosquito-y verbal dance."

07/14/2013 Carol Welch
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