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Opening and Closing

Again, the county fair is over;
twigs reveal a glimpse of blaze.
Bumblebees gad in the clover;
earlier sunsets end our days.

New doors open as one closes,
although the present phase we prize.
As we'll say farewell to roses,
foliage fire delights our eyes.

Living in anticipation
makes of breaks the worth of days;
in the moment's occupation,
reality's blessed; the sound, the gaze.

So we plan; results are pending;
each revealed new change we see.
Neither do we dread the ending,
or outset, should we find the key.

As one door closes, worlds commence;
colors change, and sounds revise.
Temperatures, more or less intense,
fire, then ice delight our eyes.

07/30/2013 Carol Welch
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