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Miles Away At Christmas

How do I compass not going home for Christmas,
when, for so many years, I hosted home?
When I prepared , I often felt, "such as it was",
the goal was to rejoice, yes, each one, "come".

I know that Christmas isn't only family,
but, in so many ways, with family shared.
The cold-reddened cheeks, the brushing snow off,
the hugs and hearing how each one has fared.

I have to pray now, "Oh, help me remember,
Christmas is a thankful time to God,
and, while I cherish all that is December,
You, Lord, are the center, not the bright facade."

"'I thank you, Lord, for giving a companion,
with whom to rejoice, sharing Christmas smiles,
marking family love as peak, not canyon,
and distance not relationships, just miles."

12/19/2013 Carol Welch
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