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Out of Season Wonderland

Voila! Some fairy wand, it seems
has proudly grasped our fresh, spring world.
Last night, new grass edged rippling streams;
today, we view white lace unfurled.

Tree limbs' dark buds, foretelling blooms,
decked with lavish, plushy ermine furs.
Slender twigs blend into frills and plumes,
and bow to regal whipped cream conifers.

Marshmallow images entice the mind;
forget the spade and hoe, for now, delayed.
like fairy tiptoes, leaving, in their path,
work-a-day; let mundane lightly fade.

Ingenious confectioners design,
elaborate, pristine-- like wedding cake,
intact til forceful sun begins to shine,
then blends intricate forms into the lake.

One by one, soft clumps of snow in dollops.
drop to bare the dark, slick dripping limb.
Sun, the snow, the out-of-season, wallops,
a short-lived, lovely, novel interim.

05/02/2013 Carol Welch
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