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Black Velvety Warning

Black, velvety morning, secrets conceals,
soft blanket, warm slippers, and cuddly gown,
Outside is a mystery; inside, it feels
like a nest of warm eider down.

Any cell of chilliness, slow to go
will be banished by flame on the grate,
Rose, fragile, bows to rain, soon to be snow,
rues its timing, as season grows late.

Black, velvety sky now yields to gray dawn;
dimly seen edge of tree line appears.
Unrealistic folks deny summer's gone;
drooping hedges affirm roses' fears.

In only a couple of weeks down the way,
it will be a bit lighter a while,
until tilt of earth decreases the day,
We are back into standard time style.

Black, velvety sky in the evening then seen,
as the days shorten up to the time
when the solstice comes, and time in between,
sees no daylight saved, in any clime.

10/19/2013 Carol Welch
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