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Goals and Buoyancy

Again, let's look; the outset seemed to soar,
at least, to launch a little from square one.
But thought, to lift or open any door,
is progress sought, or merely having fun?

Can soaring be achieved in little hops?
If so, I'd say we're surely on our way.
Content with knolls, will we seek mountain tops,
or reach for only goals that pass today?

The steeper way, it's said bodes higher heights,
tasks arduous, fulfillment, deeper gain.
Accomplished climb rewards with vaster sights,
when zeal and passion outstrip stress and pain.

Oh, grant the wisdom and the trust, my prayer,
to strive at tasks when striving is the best.
Lord, faithfulness and strength, the needed bear,
heart light, to skip and sing through all the rest.

10/20/2013 Carol Welch
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