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4-H Beginner

"And what," I ask you," Is a Clover Bud?
You little model of a woman, man?
Explain about your small charge, chewing cud;
tell how he fits into the county's plan."

"To answer that is really quite a task;
you see, it isn't just this little lamb.
I'm just beginning, but now that you ask,
it's part of 4-H. Clover Bud is what I am."

Just starting little--learn by doing--shows.
As we get bigger, projects widen too.
Then, what a guy has done, he really knows;
a girl displays results that she sees through.

The project work all peaks at county fair;
results of plans and work appearance make.
Opinions of the judge on our mood bear.
Might we do better on our art or cake?

Now fair takes on an atmosphere of fun,
besides the doing and the friendship shared.
Excitement of exhibiting is done.
Our fun is taking rides that make us scared.

Oh, county fair is great for Sal or Sam.
Now, could this effort get into your blood?
As a tired 4-H'er holds her tired lamb.
"It's all new when you are a Clover Bud."

07/11/2013 Carol Welch
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