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Laughter's Choice

Laughter, what a gift we're given,
good for psyche, also health.
Interchange by good will driven,
lacking it, how empty wealth.

Oh, the good of lively humor,
lifting heaviness of cares,
not exalting gibe or rumor,
one partaking, better fares.

Laughter punctuating friendship,
meeting of the minds affirm,
sharing of the comprehend-ship,
fellowship that grows long term.

How we flinch at laugh's derision,
disapproval in extreme,
easier to bear collision
than the scoffer's laser beam.

Compounded is the affirmation,
when warm laughter is combined;
hearty the appreciation,
smiles, connection to remind.

So, we laud the kind of laughter
that will buoyant vibes employ.
The state of mind that follows after,
lifts and lilts and sings with joy.

07/05/2013 Carol Welch
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